15 Şubat 2013 Cuma

Dayseeker - What It Means To Be Defeated

Tek kelimeyle muhteşem. 2012 ve şimdiye kadarki 2013 için en güzel metalcore şarkısı diyebilirim. Bi düşüniyim bi daha... Evet evet diyebilirim.

So they read the news today, you had vanished without a trace

And you lacked the spine to turn your back and say goodbye

Now you're just a ghost that occupies my thoughts, my every move

All mountains for me to move

Still I tell myself I'll be just fine

All these excuses lead me to a sun never rising again

You were not someone I knew, just someone I learned to see through

You were lying when you said we'd be permanent

When did I become, the one to give up?

When did I become, a transition to the next one?

Maybe this won't need to be repeated

Maybe it's to show me what it means to be defeated

Wasn't it enough, to trade your bed for lust, and tear me limb from limb?

Hopeless heart, held inside of a desperate soul

Smile while you're stabbing me in the back again

Precious knife held inside of a man who waits to die

Could you send, from my skin, and show me one person I can put my trust in

Bring me the sun, wake me up from, my dreams of giving up now

I want to believe there's permanence in me

When did I become the one to give up on?

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